In my last summer holidays I went to Cortes de Pallás, its a village in Valencia. Its so beautiful because it has lots of plants and looks very green. My grandparents (my mums fathers) have a house there, it has two floors so when we go we stay in the second. I have lots of friends there; Nerea, Marina, Lucía, Edurne.... We stay there like one month or more. I was a lady of 2015 child queen, this year Marina was the child queen. There were like eleven ladies like me. The part I like the most was when we went in floats throwing little toys and sweets, it was so funny. Later we went Vera because my mum approved public examinations there, so we looked for an apartment near the school is she working now. We choose one with a pool, there I meet my new friend Elena, is from Ciudad Real. This summer I wrote to a penpal friend, she is called Ana, I can't tell you all the KAWAII things she sent to me! Now were writing too because we are penpal friends. The beach is very good in Vera, I love painting rocks and I love doing drawings putting lots of rocks together.
2015-10-04 12.34.14.jpg00024367.jpg

Rilakkuma with rocks

Saturday, 10 october 2015

-Answer the e-mail.

I love going shopping depending of the shops. My favourite shop is Tiger, today I bought some washi tape there. I usually go shopping on saturdays, like today. I love going all family together.


Saturday, 17 of october 2015


1)Write an e-mail to your friend saying: Where, what you like and how he/she can go to your new house.

TO: Elia FROM: Berta
SUBJECT: New home

Hi Elia
We moved to a new house last friday! Our address is 36 Kawaii Street.
The thing I like the most is our living room, its so cool.
If you want tomorrow you can come here to study catching the bus.



Butterflies are a very cute insect for me, they can be of a lot of different colors! Butterflies have:
  • Three body segments
    (head, thorax, and abdomen)
  • Three pairs of jointed legs,
    all of which are attached to the thorax
  • Antennae (although there are a few species of insects with no antennae)
  • Wings (though there are some flightless insects)

The figure below demonstrates some of these characteristics of insects.
In this picture, the butterfly has the same colors that a bee, yellow and black.
Now Im going to saw you a different butterfly with colorful wings:

The scientific name of the butterfly is: Lepidoptera, they eat pollen like other insects.


Tuesday, 20 october 2015

A plum is a fruit from my country. Its small-sized. My grandfather in Valencia grown plums. I like them, but not so much. There are different types of plums; Damson plums, Greengage plums, Mirabelle plums and Victoria plums.
They are of the plant kingdom. My brother loves the, he says is so cool fruit. Its yellow inside and purple outside. It is smooth, but is a little acid inside.


Wednesday, 21 october 2015
-Read and write your own e-mail.
To: Elia From: Berta
Subject: ZOO

Hi Elia,

Last sunday I went to the zoo with my family. I saw a lot of animal.
Finally, I went to the gift shop and I bought a teddy bear and a magnet with a tiger drawing. I really enjoyed my self.

Thursday 12 November 2015

2) Look at these survey results. Read the sentences and make a graph.

children tv graphic_berta.png
-All of the children see TV at the weekends.
-Most of the children see TV before having dinner.
-Some of te children see TV before going to school.
-Some of the children see TV after having dinner.
-None of the children see TV eating dinner.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

I collect painted stones. I don`t have pocket money, but I don't need pocket money for my collection. I pick them up from the beach (Most of my stones are of beaches of Vera) and I paint them with acrylic paint, and I draw with POSCA (feltips that paint in any thing) Some of the ones I have, my family and friends give to me too. I have more than 15 painted stones. My favorite one is my rainbow painted stones, my mum gaved it to me.

Thursday 10th December 2015

Greek newpaper THE WOODEN HORSE

Sunday, 17 January 2016


The Alhambra is a famous monument in Granada (Spain). It was originally constructed as a small fortress in 889 and then largely ignored until its ruins were renovated and rebuilt in the mid-13th century by the Moorish emir Mohammed Ben Al-Ahmar of the Emirate of Granada, who built its current palace and walls. It was converted into a royal palace in 1333 by Yusuf I, sultan of granada. Alhambra's Islamic palaces, as we know them today, were built for the last Muslim emirs in Spain and the court of the Nasrid dynasty. After the conquest of Granada by the Reyes Católicos (Catholic monarchs) in 1492, some portions were used by Christians rulers. The palace of Charles V, built by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor in 1527, was inserted in the Alhambra within the Nasrid fortifications. Alhambra was rediscovered in 19th century by European scholars and travelers, with restorations commencing. It is now one of Spain's mayor tourist attractions, exhibiting the country's most significant and well know Islamic architecture, together with the 16th-century and later Christian building and garden interventions. The Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the inspiration for many songs and stories. The Alhambra is the 7th of the list of the most famous monuments.

The alhambra.berta.m.m.jpg

SUNDAY, 31 January 2016



Gloria Fuertes was a Spanish poet and author of children´s literature. She was born in Madrid, Spain. She is considered one of the most good authors of Spain. There are some schools with her name, for example; in Murcia, in Valencia, ect.. She was born the 28 of July (1917) and she died the 27 of November (1998). Some of her poems: Canciones para niños (1956), Cangura para todo (1968), Don Pato y Don Pito (1970), "La Oca Loca" (1977), El hada acaramelada (1973), La gata chundarata y otros cuentos (1974), La momia tiene catarro (1978), El libro loco. De todo un poco (1981), El abecedario de don Hilario (1983), Trabalenguas para que se trabe tu lengua (1988). Some of her theaters: La princesa que quería ser pobre (1942), El chinito Chin-cha-té (1955), Petra, un señor pregunta por ti (1970), Las tres reinas magas (1978). Her television programes: Un globo, dos globos, tres globos, La mansion de los Plaff, La cometa blanca, Big Vand, Los pequeños niños atacan de nuevo.

Thursday, 11th February 2016


Charlie and the chocolate factory is a book of the author Roald Dahl.

The main characters are Charlie and his family and Willy Wonka. Charlie and his family are poor but one day Charlie found a 5 pound note and he bought a Willy Wonka chocolate bar.

Charlie and his family were very poor, the didn't have much money to end the month, but one day he founded a 5 pound note. With it he bought a Willy Wonka chocolate bar and inside it was a golden ticket. The ticket said:
GRETTINGS TO YOU, THE LUCKY FOUNDER OF THIS GOLDEN TICKET, you´re invited to our chocolate factory one day and one of the 5 founders of the ticket will win a special prize, come with an adult the 1st of February at 10am in Front gates of our factory.
When he went to the factory there were other 5 children like him, but they weren't poor like him, at the end of the visit the winner was Charlie because he was the only one that didn't do anything bad during the visit. The special prize was the factory, it was for him and his family, so they putted his house inside the factory and they lived with Willy Wonka.

This book is for everybody that loves fantasy books, ITS FANTASTIC!

My rating:5 stars

Tuesday, 8th March 2016

Skydiving adventure by Berta Mateos Monteagudo

Mercedes lived in a city called Vera. One day, she decided to go skydiving with her BFF (Best Friend Forever) Berta. They got into the plane early in the morning, both were very excited.

The plane was flying when Mercedes heard a noise, it was like when a radio is broken and Mercedes turned to feel worried. She told Berta about the problem and she heard it too. Both were feeling scared, but then the pilot said "Im sorry, the radio in the plane is broken and its making a noise". Mercedes started laughing when Berta started too.

When the time of jumping out of the plane arrived, they jumped out of the plane immediately. But Mercedes parachute didn't work and Berta grabbed the rope that was holding Mercedes jacket and they were safety on land again. At the end, Mercedes said to Berta "You are the best person in the world ever seen and y said it to her too.


Thursday, 7 of April 2.016

MY PHOTOGRAPH by Berta Mateos Monteagudo

My photograph is of my BFF (Best Friend Forever), who is called Mercedes. She's 11 years old the 18th of April 2.016 and she goes to school, where she studies.

My BFF's got long, straight, brown-yellow hair which is a bit bumpy. She's got blue-green big, beautiful eyes and she's got fair skin. She's wearing a clean and white T-shirt.

In my photograph Mercedes looks happy because she is happy, she is happy because I'm with her. I can't be with her all the time because she lives in Almería and I live in Murcia, but we are BFF even we live far away. She is cheerful, clever, funny and lots of things that I can't say because she is PERFECT. Or that is what I think. She made 1 friend collar charm for me and for her, it is so cute.

I mandala-corazon-mandalas-pintado-por-ester1222-9776861.jpg Mercedes

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-04 a la(s) 19.24.07.png


Today, teachers often explain and send lots of homework to finish the units very quickly. But children don't like teachers that only teach: WORK, WORK, WORK... I think that, in the future only people that like working like teachers will work like that, not people that only work for money.

Soon teachers will only explain with games and funny methods, so they won't be children that don't do nothing like the ones we see today because they will be motivated on their work.

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-04 a la(s) 19.36.02.png
Other things that teachers could do for children to be motivated could be giving them presents when they do an excellent work, like a pen, some post-its, or other things that children like. Another possibility could be: the teacher can create a Class Dojo Class and children will be more quiet, they will do homework and more things to win points or... if the parents register they will notice a bad point for his/her child... :( or a positive :). They will be motivated because they all will want to be the first of the class with the points. The thing that I don't know is why some teachers don't use it now because they can download it! And in the class with internet! Or in their mobile phones! Some teachers do interesting classes without it but if they had it... FANTASTIC

I believe that in the future all teachers explain with some games, use Class Dojo and things like that, because they motivate children.

I'm very lucky because ALL my teachers were and are very good, but if they could use that things... The classes will be the best of all the world!!!!

To sum up, in the future teachers will be totally different as they are now, and the ones that were fantastic at the first time will be the BESTS !!!

Unknown.png BERTA

NEW YEAR 2016-17

Sunday, 2nd of October 2.016

UNIT 1) Story worksheet

3) Write a scene for the play. Blackbeard is telling the pirates about his plan.

Setting: In the pirates' cave. The pirates are listening to Blackbeard.
Narrator: Blackbeard explained his plan to the pirates.
Pirate 1: What's your plan Blackbeard? How are we going to get the gold?
Blackbeard: Well, a ship is on its way to the island from Spain, the gold is in there, but first we need to know when its arriving.
Pirate 2: I know! It was in the newspaper, it arrives tomorrow midnight.
Blackbeard: Problem one is resolved, but we have an other problem; Soldiers are on guard at the port. They're all time? They guard on the beach?
Pirate 1: Guards are all the time in the port but I don't know if they guard on the beach.
Pirate 3: They don't guard on the beach, they haven't noticed about our ship.
Blackbeard: Theres just another problem more, theres a lighthouse. It shows ships where to sail. We can put out the light in the lighthouse, but, when does the lighthouse keeper go to bed?
Pirate 2: It goes to bed at 10 o'clock, he said in an interview, so...
Setting: Lights are on, out, on, out. When a pirate enters the cave and shouts: You weren't waiting to me?!? You won't remember me?!? I'm...
Blackbeard: I know who are you, you're my brother Whitebeard, this was a surprise for you, all the gold and silver, for you little brother.
Whitebeard: For me? Ha, ha, ha. Thank's brother. So I'll leave the cave, then you can talk for the plan. Bye!! Thanks again brother.
Setting: Whitebeard leaves the cave and they continue talking.
Narrator: Blackbeard and his pirates finish the plan, they just need to wait for tomorrow midnight.
The day
Blackbeard: Now the lights are out an the boat is sinking, lets swim and take the gold and silver, ha, ha, ha, all for us.
Pirates 1, 2 and 3: Yes!!! Swim!!!
Setting: They are with gold in their hands and Whitebeard sees them.
Whitebeard: It was for me, you are stupid brother, STUPID BROTHER.

Wednesday, 19th October 2016


There are three clowns wich want to have fun. They go into the laugh forest, they're clumsy, ironic and they laugh with everything. They are willing to make us have a good time. Membrilla, Pipa and Golosino are the three funny clowns.They are in Murcia the 22nd of October in the Romea Theatre, go and see them!!


They are called the Pupaventuras

Wednesday, 30th November 2016

Activity)Remember or imagine a holiday. Write a travel blog.

My name is Berta. I'm eleven and I'm from Spain. I'm on a big holiday! I'm going to be in London for one whole month. I'm not going to post very often because I'd like to have fun. Read my blog and find out about my amazing holiday!

1st June
8:30 am: I'm in London! I arrived at the port early this morning. I've got all my luggage and took a taxi to my hotel. Here, the traffic is crazy

3rd June
9:35 am: Now I'm on the London Eye!!! It´s very beautiful, I'll do it again if I have time when I visit all my wishlist places. Yesterday, I went shopping, I got crazy! I bought lots of things: one T-shirt, two
skirts, one scarf, three charms,..

6th June
4:20 pm: I have done lots of things in those three days!!! First, I went to the biggest toy shop in London; Hamleys. I bought some toys for my friends, it was much cool than the ones in Spain. Second, I went to lots of stationary shops; PaperChase,... And in third. place, I went to a Kawaii shop to buy some cute things. I need a new room for just the things I bought in holidays!

10th June
7:45 pm: Hey, I'm just now in Ireland! I know, it was no in the introduction, but was a surprise! I went here just because of the Rold's Dahl museum, I love all of his books so when I saw the opportunity, I just said: I need to go!!! And now, I'm here. Couldn't take photos inside, sorry.

19th June
6:00 pm: I'm in London again. Sorry for inactive posts, I had so much fun I didn't remember the blog! I am so crazy! I went to Harry Potter's Warner Studios, I saw lots of the places they used to film Harry Potter's film. I had a beer with butter, but it wasn't beer, it was sprite with colourant and some butter on. It is a typical Harry Potter Film beer, it was delicious. And of course, I bought my Luna Lovegood's wand and her funko too.

27th June
8:00 am: Now I'm leaving the hotel, going home again. I had so much fun here! I loved London so much that I could live here! My airplane is leaving at 9:00, so I'm leaving now. I had friends here too, see you soon please! I will go again, so I'll continue with the blog. But in a long time, because my next holidays are in Greece, the Greek islands. I wish to write in this web again, bye!


Here there are some photos for you to see!!! ;)

Tuesday, 24th January 2017


Luna was very happy. She was at Ravenclaw Room when she noticed that her things weren't there. She was a bit upset. Luna wrote a list of all the things that had disappeared. Then, she sticked them around all the Hogwarts castle.
Now Harry, her friend, was excited. A robbery at Hogwarts! He rushed out.
At Hogwarts, Harry and Luna looked for clues with their magic spell that was useful to found loved things.
But they didn't found anything.
"I was doing my new radish earrings, Marietta broke my old ones" said Luna to Harry. Harry was taking notes. Luna wasn't sad, she was a vey happy girl. He went in her room, to look for more clues. Then, Luna had an idea.
"I suspect the Nargles are behind this robbery, its Christmas and Nargles infest mistletoe and are well known to be mischievous thieves". Harry didn't believed in Nargles, only Luna and his parent Xenophilius Lovegood were the only ones that believed in them.

She went out the room with her necklace of Nargle protection and her Spectresses. When she got in the Great Hall, she looked at the mistletoe and she said: "Oh, there are the Nargles"
"I don't see them" said Harry."Thats because you aren't wearing Spectresses, I can see Nargles and Torcosoplos with them, because they are invisible" answered Luna.
She talked to the Nargle King and he gave Luna her things. But one thing wasn't there, her pair of school shoes.
She looked at her feet and said "Oh no, I've got them on!". Harry and Luna laughed at the same time.
Both were happy because they solved a mystery.
Years later, she finds Rolf Scamander who solves other robbery with her. Finally, he becomes her husband.

The Lost Things List
(I invented the story but not the Lost Things List)

Thursday, 16th February 2017

I was born the 28th of January of 2005 with my fraternal twin Marc. I grew up and I'm still living in Murcia with my parents, Marc and my young sister, Helen. I went to nursery school when I was 1 or 2 and I went to school when I was 3. Now, I have 12 and I'm in 6º, next year I'll go to high school. Last year, I was crowned as the child queen of Cortes de Pallás and I'm still been it until next August. My hobbies are reading, drawing and talking to my friends. My favorite subjects are Social Science, Natural Science and P. E. I really love reading and thats why I started writing my own book on January, I don´t know if I will finish it, but I hope to. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher, writer and actress. I know that are lots at the same time, but I can't decide. My best friends are Mercedes and Paula Q.

Thursday, 23rd March 2017

--Write about an environmental project you have done at school or at home. (It can be real or imaginary)

MAKING A RECYCLING PARK by Berta Mateos Monteagudo

Last year at school, my class made a Recycling Park so that students and parents could recycle at school.

Only a human produces more than 500kg a year. The Earth is in danger because of this big amount of rubbish. Experts say that in 2018, United Kingdom will run out of space to bury rubbish. Some consequences that happen if we don't recycle are that we will run out of everyday resources, pollution and destruction of habitats.

Our Recycling Park is in a corner of our school. It's got a space with 2 of each type of container: plastic, paper, tin cans and newspaper and there is a cardboard space. There is also a Park made with recycled materials like wheels. We have a special container for plastic caps for a boy that needs money for his health.

I helped painting the wheels and planting some flowers. I think that is a good idea because after the containers are filled, a teacher sends the rubbish to a recycling centre and we win some money (but not too much). I hope that this helps our school!

The Recycling Park is great. I feel proud that we are doing something to help our school and our planet. recycling_park_04.jpg

Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

Berta Football English Work.png

Thursday, 24th May 2017