sunday 18 of october of 2015

1- It is have a bacbone. yes it is a vertebrate. Go to number 2
No it isn´t a vertebrate. Go to number 3

2- It is white and dots browns? Yes: It is my pet
No: go to number 4

3- It is brown? Yes: it is a closet
No: it is an aquario

Wednesday 11 November 2015

page 23

2-Explain how eyebrows, eyelids and eyelashes protect our eyes and how ear wax protects our ears. Search for necessary information.

Eyebrows: To the water and sweat not into the eye
Eyelid: To protect the eye when were sleepeng
Eyelashes: For avoid some strange things into the eye

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Sunday 22 November 2015
CB Page 27 ex 5
5- We should eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, especially when we are growing. Search for new information and find out what calcium is needed for.
We need the calcium to grow well. The 99% is for ours bones and ours teeth and a 1% to the bloodstream, liquids.

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Tuesday 8 December 2015


4- Mumps, measles and chikenpox are called childhood diseases. Choose one of these diseases and find out the symptoms.



The chickenpox is an illnes contagiou. Is normali have the children and it is not serious but in adolesent and in adults is mor serious.
It is last forne week. The chickenpox are dots of 1cm

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varicela niño.jpe

varicela adolescentes.jpe


varicela en adltos.jpe

Monday 22 February 2.016

4-Look for information about the main ecosystems in Spain and where they are located.

Ecosystems is the system of relationships among plants, animals (and organisms) and the non-living elements in an environment.

Spain consists of many ecosystems, two of which are dominate.

First there is the Savanna or grassland ecosystem.
Second there is the mountain ecosystem.

Savannah Grasslands

Savannah Grasslands
The climax vegetation in the Savannah is grass with shallow roots and small water requirement. (located between 30 degrees N and 30 degrees S)
Mountain Ecosystems

Mountains ecosystems are not exclusively low latitude.
Mountain ecosystems are not very unique – they vary with altitude and temperature.

new year
Friday, 9 Septembre 2016


Pag 123

5- Look for information about how the Egyptians built the pyramid. What machines did they use?

To raise its towering pyramids, the egyptians had to move huge bloks of stone and statues tons in the wilderness , and they did on large wooden sleds.

Monday, 26 December 2016
1- How seahorses reproduce and what is anusual on this.
Are courted for several days. During that period of time they initiate a dance ritual, making movements in unison so that bothachierve a perfect synchronitation. Males and females are similar the only differce is that the male have the abdominals smoth and the females have rough. The female deposite 1,500 eggs in a bag.

caballitos de mar reproduciendose.jpg


Monday, 6 February 2.017


1-How are prokaryotic and eukariotic organisms diferent? Find out more and drow and label an example of each.

The main difference is that in the Prokaryotes the genetic material is not separated from the cytoplasm and the eukaryotes present the genetic material is organized in chromosomes surrounded by a membrane that separates from the cytoplasm.

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Tuesday 14 February 2017