Friday 9 of october 2015

In my summer holidays in the weekends I was in the camping Las Torres of Mazaron.
In the week sometimes I was I the macdonal an in the KFC to eat.
And sometimes mi friends of my camping cam to my house 1 weekend.
And I was in the boat of mi dad.

imagen de mazarron.jpe
barca papa.jpe

Wednesday 14 of october 2015

The ladibird is one of my faborite bugs
It´s have wings
Ther color are red and black
It eats other insects


2- Read the questions in exercise 1 again. Write your own reply. Wrute 25-35 words. Don´t include extra information.

To: Elena From: Azucena Subject: New home

Hi Elena

We moved last week! Our address is in El Palmar.
I like my house because it isn´t big but we have 2 bathrooms and we have a big living room.
My friend can come hear because from the round arixaca you pass the school of los rosales to twist to the right you pass the park and my bulding is the second.

Monday 26 of october 2015

Activity Bookexternal image arrow-10x10.png Page 10

5- Use your notes in the table to write about the fruit from your country.
1- What is it called?

It´s called watermelon

2-What does it look/taste/feel/smell like?
It look´s red with seed. It taste´s sugar. it´s feel´s . It´s smell well

3-How big is it and what is it usesd for?
Its i very big and we used to eat

Wednesday 25 November 2015

AB Page 20

5- Use your notes in the table to write about something you collect

1- What is it?

They are shells

2- Where do yu ge it?

I get it in the beach of Mazarrón.

3- Do you get money for it?

no you doesn't money.

4- How many have you got?

I have 6 shells

5- Which is your favourite?

My favourite shell is one that have the shape of a hard

concha de corazon.jpe

Friday 4 of Decembre 2015


3-Write a newspaper story for a Greek newspaper. Choose a headline. Include information to answer the questions.


The army was long 10 years . The greeks have the idea for make the horse. Its was very big. The soldiers leave the horse next to the Trojans city . Next the destruyet the trojans city. In the horse was the solders. They destroyes the trojans city. The greeks cross the sea in the Sparta. The greeks won the war.

Monday 18 Jenuary 2015.
AB Page 30

5-Use your notes in the table to write about th ancient monument in your country.
1-When was it build?

Early second century D.C

2-How long/wide/tall is it?
It´s 28 meters long, length 813 metres and wide ¿?
3-What was itused for?
For visit it acuaeducto segovia.jpg

tuesday 2 february 2016

4- Write about a famous writer from your country.


Miguel Delibes was a spanish novelist and a member of the real spanish adademi form 1975 to hes deed. He was born in valladolid the 17 October 1920 and he was deed in Valladolid the 12 March 2010. He´s films are LOS SANTOS INOCENTES, RETRATO DE FAMILIA AND FUNCION DE NOCHE

Thuesday 11 February 2016
AB Page 41
4- Choose a book and write a review.
By Azucena Ramos. Junie B peluquera.

A girl named Junie.B went with his father to a salon there runs an adventure. After arriving home decides he wants to be a hairdresser then he starts to practice 1 begins with bunnies and leaves them bald. A l following day Junie going to class and talk about it with her friend Lucy. She tells him that his most tíaque let him be the girl shampooing. Junie to get home grabs her teddy and into the bath cuendo taxes to both weighed out and said to herself will not be able never be the girl shampooing. Later seen entering her room and tells her dog Cosquilla uhi so broken that hair ...
Then he began to cut his hair and left him bald after his mother came and scolded. A few days later she cuts her hair and left it made a Christ then everything is solved.

My rating: 4 stars


Tuesday 8 March 2016



A boy called Alen wants to do bungee jumping but his mum dont want to he do this sport. Alen sais ok mum im going to go out with friends but he lie she because he went to do it. When he do it the rope broken and he brok his arm. When he go home mum sas that nothing happened but he was punished

Sunday 10 April 2016
AB Page 61 ex 5
5-Using a photograph, write a descrition of someone in your family.

MY PHOTOGRAPH by Azucena Ramos
This is a description of my brother. His name is Santiago. His 12 years old. He is a student, he study in the high school. My brother is very funny. His got short brown hair. His got freckles.

He plays sometimes football and batminton. Hes a very good musician.
My brother likes watching videos of youtube. He alwais sees cartoons. He is sometimes calm an in another cases very active.

Tuesday 10 May 2016


Im going to talk about mi self in the future.

I think Im goig to be low, brunette, with brown hair

But in the future maby Im not like as I think. We dont now

Wednesday, 5 Octobre 2016

3- Write a scene for the play. Blackbeard is telling the pirates about his plan.

Setting- In the pirates cave. The pirates are listening to Blackbeard.
Pirate 1- What´s yor plan, Blackbeard ? How are were going to get the gold?
Blackbeard- we need to steal the boat tomorrow at midnight and soldiers are watching the port and the village all time. Not the beach. The rocks are dangerous so the boat can sink. the lighthouse keeper goes to bed at 10 clock. We enter in the lighthouse put off the ligths.

Monday, 17 Octobre 2016

ab page 10 ex 5

5- Make notes. Write about a puppet show in your country.
Hi Billy, Milly and Milly. Im going to talk os the floats os the magi. Its used by people or motor it depends of the floats. The main caracters are the magis. The magies give the people prestens.

external image la_foto7.JPG

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


6- Write an essay about the advantages and disadvanteges of cycling.


You no contaminate
You do exercise
The mobility is diferent
Is more cheap that a car If rains the bicicle can lose the control
The repair is more siple Most of the cars do not have respect for the bike


They can steal it
You can punch a wheal in te middle of a road and fall
If theres air you can have an accident
If rains the bicicle can lose the control
Most of the cars do not have respect for the bike

Saturday, 21 January 2017


5-Make notes. Write about a famous autor from your country.

I have choose Arturo Pérez-Reverte. He writes historical novel, mistery, humor and war.

The most famous book of him is "El Asedio".

Yes, thy have made a lot of films. one of them is El maestro de esgrima.

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Sunday 4 May 2014
`My first communion´
Dear diary,

Today I have made my first communion. Not only was my communion it was also my baptisms (1 hour before), the mothers day, the anniversary of my parents and the 50 aniversary of my
I celebrated it in "Los praos del duques" Two ballerinas came to dance and then they played with us because they planeated a lot of games.

Thuesday, 23 March 2.017


6- Write about an enviromental Project you havee done ate school or at home.
It can be real or imaginary.


Last week, I made ten birds boxes on my roof. We made them for the birds that have prolems to fly, birds that can´t see...

We catch them because they cant fly or cant see us so we dont have dificulty to catch them. We gave them food, wáter, in some cases if they have serios ilneses we trsladate them to any protected of animals.

I helped to buil them and catch them.

I enjoyed all the things I did

Wednesday, 3 April 2017

4-Write a diary entry about an exciting experience you´ve had. Use extreme adjetives.

One normal day, like I do every day, I went in the conservatory. In special, thease day, one of the teachers didn´t come, so I left before.
Then, I was terrified, because my mum apeares very fast. She told my: Run, run I have a surprise for you. I continue very terrified and hilarious. I was terrified because I didn´t know what was it, and I was hilarious because it was a surprise. The surprise was a record Company of the Gemeliers group. I don´t like them now, but in this day I love them, they was my idol.

Thursday, 25 May 2017


You´ll need:
Borax (If you dont have it you can use lents liquids and bicarbonated sodiom)
Something for revolve
Some colours (optional)


In the recipient put the glue and put the colour if you have and move it completely
Put the bórax (If you dont have it put first the bicarbonated sodioum mixed and then put the lents liquid)
Mixed all tou have it