=In my vacations Im going to France where this Sarlat. In Sarlat stey with a friend its call fred

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Wednesday 21 october 2.015


It´s a grasshopper is a insect that it a insect that jumps in the montain´s

it has two pars of wings,and four legs and une pars of saws.

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To:Pedro.E From:Alonso

In the school of football EL palmeral; not if i go away to signing
the leage was beginning nex week.

Country: canarias

Name of fruit:banana




Tastes:like cheese soft

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Name: Alonso

Country; España

Collection: Stikeez

How many?: 24

Favourite: Orange,fish.


Many years ago there was a citiy thath name troy.

thers was a war whith the greeks , between thw greeks and the troyas the war hard 10 years.

une day the general of the greeks have an idea, make a horse thath is make of wood, so the general of the greeks say: some of my wairros go inside the horse, and in the night conqiest troy! Then the greeks in a bote they keep the horse and go to troy.

Finaly the Greeks conquist Troy.

5.Use your notes in the table to write about the ancient monument in your country.

1. When was it built?

2 How long/wide/tall is it?
580 meters long.
305 meters wide.
73 meters tall.

3. What was it used for?



Pio Baroja:For other uses of this surname.Pio baroja and nessi personal information.

birth on december 28,1872 San sebastian. Complutennsian universiti of madrid

profesional information in wikidata .

A spanish writer.

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10.Write a adventure story.

When he was on the mountain look, if saw something in the sky

and I looked, and there were people doing skydive was in awe I would pass well.

5.Write a composition about the future.

Yachts in the future

by Alonso marcos


Plenty are known continuous innovations that ship ping the ployed on their cruise ship sto of fer new and better services toall its passengers.This timewe are going to show two new designs that will delight the cruceroadictos.The first one is completel and dissociates it self from the boats that are traditionally used to see ingin the different ports, especially in terms o fexterioraes the tics,and the second option,al though not strictlya cruise,currently of fers two truly spectacular yachts.

The project Eoseas The first project, which already can be requested byshippersconcerned,by the name of EOSEAS and has been developed in STX Europe,company responsible for building some of the finest ship sever built, Oasis of the Seasor the Queen Mary 2.Al though it isa project that takes time,in 2009 the news of this ship flooded the network,has not hadany requests for construction by any shipping company; probablyits high price,which would be 30% more than what it might costa traditional boat,repels shipping.A lthough the designis really spectacular EOSEAS its main virtueis to bea self-sustaining boat.

Les Lauriers de Magnot: Super yacht Adastra: a $42.5m Power Trimaran
Les Lauriers de Magnot: Super yacht Adastra: a $42.5m Power Trimaran



BLACKBEARD:You take all that gold when we will be rich.

PIRATE 1:What´s your plan,Blackbeard?


Blackbeard:We enter on the ship when all leave the it and steal the gold and silver.

5. Make notes. Write about a puppet show in your country.

In my town, a children's story called Pinocchio is a wooden puppet that if you lie nose grows caracters account history are Pinocchio Geppetto and Jiminy Cricket

It is shown in several towns and plays whith marionets.

Pinocchio and Geppetto was lost but found him in the belly of a whale.

Resultado de imagen de pinocho marioneta
Resultado de imagen de pinocho marioneta

A transport when he live.

Cruises are a type of little-sold transportation in the world. That vehicle would be good to live.

But it's a hotel on a boat in the sea. Is the perfect transport to visit all . The countries of the world, their monuments, its people and cultures.

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Resultado de imagen de fotos cruceros
Resultado de imagen de fotos cruceros

Enjoy and live to the maximum

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5.Make notes. Write about and old home in your country.

Homes were made of ...glass
Where? In Italy
Do you like it? Yes I like because I see all inside, landscapes, the sky and the stars.


<span style="text-align: left;">
My autobiografy

I was born in El Palmar, Murcia in 2005.The day is the 10/11/2005.

My height is 1.30 cm. My weight is 30 kg. At the age of two I began my academic career in day care,

My career continued in school, I am currently in sixth grade and I am 11 years old. I do swimming Tuesday and Thursday, I am also on the football team of my school.

I have two guinea pigs at home, they have been in my family for two years. This year I will leave school if I approve everything. I will go to high school and I do not know how I will go there.

My favorite hobby is running marathons. When I grow up I would like to dedicate myself to chemistry.

The trips and excursions in the school and for vacations have been very funny, one of the ones that I have liked the trip to France, there I saw many castles and beautiful landscapes.

Monday,1 May 2.017

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4.Write a diary entry aboutan exciting experience you´ve had. Use extreme


I was in France with my brother Diego riding on ziplines over trees and rivers. We were passing it very well so that I was hooked and trapped but they came to me at once but at the last moment it is the history of the river I did have a bad time.

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