5- Make a dichotomous key to classify both living and non living things at home.

Non living things : computer, phone, chair, table, glases, paper,

Living things : plants, girl, bot, cildren, dog, cat,

2)Explain how eyebrows , eyelids and eyelashes protects our eyes and how ear wax protects our ears . Search for the necessary information

Eyebrows protect eyes of sweat formed on the forehead.
Eyelashes protect the eyes against dust and glare.
Eyelid function is to protect the eye and the wetting thereof by lacrimal secretions.


Hello Sonia I'm Alba and I do the exercise of natural sciences in the Paula Escolar house. I don't now what is a (wax protects)

What's calcium needed for?

Calcium is a mineral that are un many food. The body needs calcium to keep bones strong and perform many importante functions. Almost al the calcium is stored un bones and teeth were it supports their structure and rigidity .


4 Mumps, measles and chickenpox are called childhood diseases. choose one of these diseases and find out the symptoms.

Measles is a fairly common, especially in children, exanthematous infectious disease such as rubella and chickenpox, caused by a virus, specifically a paramyxovirus of the genus Morbillivirus. It is characterized by typical skin spots red (eczema) (rash) and fever and a general weakened state. In some cases of measles complications, causes inflammation in the lungs and brain that threaten the patient's life.

The incubation period of measles usually lasts 4-12 days, during which there are no symptoms. Infected people remain contagious from the appearance of the first symptoms until 3-5 days after the onset of rash.

The clinical diagnosis and the detection of antibodies in blood becomes. There is no specific therapy for the treatment of disease, however, it can prevent the disease by administering measles vaccine. The MMR vaccine (also known as MMR) has reduced the number of infections in the past. In most countries, the disease is mandatory social health authorities statement.

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4)Look for information about the main Ecosystem in Spain and were they are.

The main Ecosystem in Spain is the Mediterranian Ecosystem.
It is a forest and scrub biome that develops in regions with a Mediterranean climate,
characterized by mild winters, dry summers, autumns and springs with abundant rainfall,
as well as frequent forest fires to which the vegetation is adapted.
This Ecosystem are in:
Cataluña, C.Valenciana, I.Baleares, R.Murcia and a part of Andalucia.

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Investigate of hourses

The males and females often look very much alike. Experts have been able to tell them apart prior to mating by the way they look on the abdominal area. The females are rough and pointed here. The males have a round area that is very smooth and you can see the pouch. That is where those eggs are going to go which we will cover in just a minute.