This summer I went with my uncle to Cuenca.

We interviewees several rivers, such as: El Rio Cuervo, El Rio Júcar and El Rio Cabriel. In Cuenca we went to Las Chorreras and is really enjoyed ourselves

After Cuenca I was often with Paula Escolar and Elena to the swimming pool.

Finally I went to my cousin Alvaro competition.


The butterfly is an insect that has three body parts, which include two antennas, two eyes and a skeleton.

The scientific name is Lepidoptera.

The butterfly feeds on all kinds of plants

The butterflies usually live in wooded and warm areas.

Butterflies, when reproduced are sought by flapping and smell


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5_Use your notes in the table to write about the fruit from your contry.

SIZE: big
COLOUR: orange
FEELS: soft
TASTE: bitter

NAME OF FRUIT: Albaricoque
SIZE: medium
COLOUR: yellow
FEELS: soft
TASTE: sweet


TO: Claudia FROM: Alba

Subject: Zoo

Hi Claudia,

I went to the zoo the last week with my mum.
We saw lot of animals, such us: elephans , lions , monkeys and lost of animals.



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5_Use your notes in the table to write about something you collect.

I collect stikeez
I save stikeez in Lidel and I need 50 céntimos to save them.
I have 7 Stickys. And my favotite is the punk and pink stikeez.


UNITE 3-Story Worksheet
3 Writer a newspaper story for a greek newspaper. Choose a headline.Include information to answer the questions.
Our clever trick

Many years ago there was a citiy thath name troy.
thers was a war whith the greeks , between thw greeks and the troyas the war hard 10 years.
une day the general of the greeks have an idea, make a horse thath is make of wood, so the general of the greeks say: some of my wairros go inside the horse, and in the night conqiest troy! Then the greeks in a bote they keep the horse and go to troy.
Finaly the Greeks conquist Troy.

2nd quarter

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5- Use your notes in the table to write about the ancient monument in your country.


It was built in 1994. Santiago Calatrava was the person who design the structure of the Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias
It measures 40,000m long
It measures 382 meters tall
In April 1998 was it opened its doors to the public Hemisfèric.
Eleven months later, President Eduardo Zaplana opened the Museum of Sciences Prince Felipe. The 12th December 2002,
L'Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium built in Europe opened. And the 8th October 2005 the whole work was completed with the opening of the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia.



4.Write about a famous writer from your country.

He is a Spanish writer and a journalist, member of the Royal Spanish Academy.
He worked at RTVE and was featured in many of armed conflicts.
He is the writer of the (saga) The Adventures of Captain Alatriste.


A polite no mouse is pulled ratopedos

His cousin Trampita will receive an award by chance , he saved the box Mona Ratisa a fire ,
and make a banquet in his honor at the castle of Countess Snobísima .
Geronimo will stand by his cousin to try to behave like a gentleman but ... and his cousin spoiling all the banquet that prepared.

It's a funny book, I like!
I give this 5 STARS

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A day in "El Coliseo"

Milly is a girl that live in Itali and have 10 years old. One day her mum say her to go to "El Coliseo"
and they think that is a great idea. She think that they can go with she's friend Sophie, she call to Sophie
and they said that is a great idea too.

The family of Milly and she's friend are going to the Coliseo but there were lots of cars. Milly think that they
going to late to the Coliseo. When Sophie lisent to the comment of Milly said to her that they don't are
going later to the Coliseo and if you think to other wise we will shorter the trip. It took 2 hours and did not arrive,
and Milly kept thinking that did not reach the coliseum.

Suddenly they began to see the coliseum and Miley was very happy like Sophie.
They spent a fun day at the coliseum and they would like to repeat another day.

By: Alba Zamora

My mum

I'm going to describe to my mum. She call Ana Mita and She's have 57 years old.
She's works caring for elder woman.

My mum's got short hair, she's eyes are big and small at the same time and she's mouth too.
She's nose is small. Normaly my mum wears glasses.
Today my mum wearing a t-shirt white and a jeans. Wedge a pair shoes brwon

Finally I'm going to descrbe she's caracter she is happy, funny, friendly and responsible.

Thursday, 23th march 2017
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This proyect is about recycling because we need to decrease the amount of rubbish.
·We can collect more materials in recycling bins.
·Tell pupils about what can be recycled.
·We had to reduce the rubbish and we can reuse it.
I'm involved because it is very important recycle about all the plastic bags.