images-1.jpeg 2 It has a skeleton? -Yes: Go to number 3 -No: It's a Bombyx mori

arx1255463921j.jpg 3 It is an amphibian? -Yes: It's a Pelophylax perezi -No: Go to number 4

taxonomia-aguilas.jpg 4 It can swim? -Yes: It's a Carcharodon carcharias -No: It's a Macropus rufus







First the smell go inside nostrils next nerve receptors recive this information and they send to the brain.We can smell bad things and good things.A good smell is like the flowers and bad smell is like the rubbish. Sometimes the smell is good to detect dangerous things like the fire.

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Calcium is a very important vitamin that is needed for bones .If you don't have calcium in your bones you can get ill or If bones don't have calcium they can't grow. Milk is very important to people because it contains a lot of calcium inside this is why all people drinks milk every morning.Do you now that if we have white points in our nails is

because we need more calcium.external image milk_carton1-2.jpg

The natural park of Cabo Cope - Puntas del Calnegre

This natural park is located in Águila and Lorca that are in the south of Murcia. This park have 2.936 hectares and is in the coast.

The flora of this national park are plants like the Daisy sea , thyme , black thorns , esparagus ... And the fauna is this type of animals:Boars , rabbits , foxes , seagulls , red tileds lizards.

It has a mediterranean climate dry and hot it also rain in this natural park but only a little in autumn and spring.

You can do some activites like fish , visit caves or do scuba diving.
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In Egypt people wrote on papyrus, which is a plant material that grows in a river called Nilo. In Europe, we used the parchment during the Middle Ages this was made of goatskin and we write in it whith ink, but it changes in a few years because this type of writing was very expensive. Then come the palimpsests around the 8 century, that was like parchment but they can rub out what they write . And finally a chinese person called Eunuco Cai Lun invents the paper from now and in centuary after this all Asia used paper.

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The nuclear disaster of Fukushima happens in Japan in the 11 of marth 2011 and the Chernobyl one accident was a nuclear accident in the nuclear power plant Vladimir Ilyich Lenin in 1986 of april.
This accidents cause a lot harmfuls disasters like pollution or changes in the environment.

The radiactivity is very dangerous because it can produce changes in DNA like mutations or cancer.

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The submarine was invented by Isaac Peral, who born in the first of June of 1851 and die in the 20 of May of 1895.Isaac Peral lived in Cartagena, Murcia, Spain. This man was a scientific of the marine army he worked for 25 years in the army.

The submarine is a complex machine, which can go under water. This machine is also use for important battles because it can contain weaponry as torpedoes.

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Investigate sea horses you should find what is unusual about the reproduction of them.


The sea horses have an unusual form of reproducing , they aren´t like most animals they have their own form of reproducing.

First the male and the female make an unusual dance . Then the female transfere the eggs to the abdomen of the male sea horse. In the abdomen the eggs of the female fertilize and the small sea horses are born. The sea horses can have between 10 and 400 babys.

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1 How are prokaryotic and ekuaryotic organisms different?Find out more and label an example of each.

Eukaryotic cells are the ones that have a nucleus like :Plant cell , Animal cell or the fungal cell that is very similar to the animal cell. But all cells aren´t the same for example plants cells have chloroplasts and cell walls that animals cells haven´t it.

Prokaryotic cells haven´t a nucleus but they have all the nutrients inside the cytoplasm.