Depending on the climate and the characteristics of the flora and fauna of a place are different regions where different ecosystems develop in Spain are:
Forest Mediterranean
forest Garriga
Maquis Laurel (Canary Only)
Spain is in the warm-temperate zone of the planet, here we can find different climates:
Ocean: in the northwest and north of Spain. Rainfall is abundant and regular. Winter is mild and cool summer. High mountain showers abundant (sometimes as snow), cold winters and cool summers.
Dry-Arid Mediterranean: Low rainfall, severe droughts and high temperatures.
Mediterranean-Continental: Predominantly in the Iberian Peninsula, occurs mainly in the interior. Winters are cold and summers are hot; ie has a wide temperature range. Rainfall is high but irregular, vary depending on the proximity to the sea and the relief.
Mediterranean: found along the Mediterranean coast, the Balearic Islands and Andalusia. Rainfall is irregular, higher in autumn and low in summer (the summer rains are often torrential). Temperatures are softened due to the proximity to the sea.
Subtropical (Canary Islands): It is characterized by the existence of eliseos winds from Africa, the atmosphere is generally hot and humid throughout the year. Heavy rainfall collected in mountainous areas.

Espuña is a mountain located in the Betic mountain range located in the Region of Murcia (Spain), belongs to the municipalities of Alhama de Murcia, Totana and Mula, being within the Segura basin. Espuña owns 17,804 acres and more than 25,000 counting on the mountain range.
In the late nineteenth century the entire mountain was in a deplorable environmental status, with the almost total loss of all its vegetation cover and present serious desertification processes. In 1889, the forest engineer Ricardo Codorníu undertook the enormous task of reforesting the entire mountain. This task reforestation became a model for época.1
In 1931 it was declared a natural site of national interest, and in 1992 was protected as a Regional Park. It is also classified as Special Protection Area (SPA) and Site of Community Importance (SCI).
Among its rooms include forests, ravines, streams and fountains, the summit, and crops
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