3Write a scene for the play .Blakbeard is telling the pirats about his `plan.

Blakbeard-Hello pirats i have a plan to steal a lot of gold and siver

BLAKBEARD-Well first we go to put a big light at the big rocks.
PIRATE2-The big rocks are dangerous
BLAKBEARD-Yes when the boat brocken we steal the gold and silber.

3What happens next ? Wtite scene 3 of the play summary in actibity 1 .

They ar infront the door .
Bi James is start do have a litle ofafreid.
They both look to the door , and they open the door.
All the rooms are bery cuailet.
There ar empty.

5Make notes . Write about a puppet shows in your country.


In this so the puppets are Juan Feroz,Wolf Lopez,police,pig1,pig2 and pig3 .
In the story juan to confuse him with the ferocious wolf lopez.
The main charactes are juan feroz and wolf lopez.
The type of performarcer is kind and good.

After hours and hours of beiging lost in the forest, the explorer decides to cotinue walking.
It is getting darker and he snow does not stop falling.
It is very difficult to see clear, and he is very hungry.
The explorer stops.
Is he walking in circles?
Are those his own footprints on the snow?
He kneels to see them better.
His heart beats fast, his face gets pale.The size of the footprints is impossible to belive.The explorer lifts his head and there it is.The Yeti .
The explorer understands he is the prey.
The Yeti is go to the explores cave dan are using as a house .
The Yeti shout (aaaaaaaaaaaaau) and goes back.

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- Good day.a ticket to Paris.-For what time.
-At 11 o` clock ,please.
-I only have at 11 and 45.
-Yes ok.
-When do you can.
-Tomorrow at 12 and 55.
-At 11 and 45 in platafom 8 to Paris.
-Are 100 euros.


advantage 1es not spend gasoline contaminamos.2 No .3 It is healthy for health.

disadvantages 1We go more slower.

6.Write a short detective story.

The diamonds disaper

In a city in Unit states . A musseum have the biggest diamond in all the worl .
Yesterday they steal it and this diamond is cost 10.000.000of pawns .
the grandson of Serlocks hols is inten to found the diamod.He found clues ,a trail of dust security placed in all parts of the museum that arrives till the avandonado warehouse where the bark that turns out to be hid Roweil


U4 AB page 41 ex.6

6.Write a diary entrey about an exciting day in your life.

When I finished fifth

When I finished fifth we do a party which all my classmates and my teacher Alberto.Cancian danced with The Fox.We ate pancackes,potatoes ,driet frotos,popcorn...


6 Write an advice leaflet for another sport.

Equietment: You need a surf table .You need to wear a submarine suit.
Preparation: Feel good to do this sportr because is very difficuld and you can dead.

Safety: Pay attencion in the wave.Plan for who wave are you going to go.

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Monday 9th May 2016.

Writing Unit 7: Look for an outfit and describe it. Use adjectives to describe textiles.

My favorite outfit

Up part:
A T-shirt blue wich a hood. A clock blue and black and a necklace of frang of shark.

Down part:

A trouser vaquer. And a pair of shoes adidas of cor dark blue.