The hearing sense

The hearing sense permite s us to hear all things that are near or far away. The cochlea :When these vibrations reach the cochlea in our inner ear,they are transformed into electrical signals.The auditory nerve :sends these signals to our brain the semicircular canals .

The semicircular canals:The main function of the semicircular canals in our inner ear is to keep our balance and equilibrium.

Sound waves enter our ear trough the auditory canal(outer ear) and make the eardrum vibrate.These vibration also causes the

three small bones in our middle ear to vibrate.


The calcium is a mineral that help our bones to grow . It s contains omega 3, vitamines an other minerals.We all have calcium

Isaac Peral

Isaac Peral was the son of Juan Manuel Peral and Isabel Caballero. He had two siblings who later also became naval officers. He was born in Cartagena on June 1, 1851, where his father, a seaman in the Spanish navy, was based.

In 1859 his father was relocated to the military base of San Fernando (Cádiz province). At 14 he decided to join his brother Alejandro in the naval academy Colegio Naval Militar de San Carlos. This was a financial sacrifice for the family and he studied hard to get the best marks. At 16, after only two years, he joined the Spanish navy as a guardiamarina de 2ª . He also studied geography, physics and astronomy.

Peral took part in combat in the Third carlistar war in Spain, and in Cuba . He was awarded a wide range of medals for his service.

In 1876, in Cádiz, Peral married María del Carmen Cencio, daughter of an army doctor. They had nine children but four of them died young.

In 1881, Peral was serving as a second I