Last summer holiday I went to lots of places the first place I went to the beach house of my cousin with him and my uncles I
have lot of fun. The next
place I went was the house of others uncles in Cartagena I stay a week in they r house I go to the mountains with them and to
the hospital too and I get ill two weeks . When I staid in they r hose my mum was in Santander with my brother.I go to lots
of beaches i don t going to say that. The last place I went was Yeste a small village of Albacete I love Yeste I staid one week in
Yeste I swam in the swiming pool of the house I went to the river walking.That was my summer holidays



  • The orange is a fruit from my country.The orange taste sweet inside.The orange it s orange .Normally are they found in Murcia and in Valencia.It s touch is rough.

Hi Sam

I can go ice skating whit you and Crish but

I can t go to the cafe becouse I have to go

to the house of my cousins.See you soon.


My house has got 2 floors .In the first floor is the dining room ,the kitchen and the bathroom

.In the second floor there s the bedroom of my parents another bathroom,my brothers bed in my bed is the computer of the house.


He born 1557 .Miguel de cervantes was the most famous spanish writer.He s complete name is DON QUIJOTE DE LA MANCHA.

In 1556 HIS wife sold a sirvient and after these they went to Sevilla becouse it was the most reach city.

La Manga

Why is it especial?

Becouse it´s have a big sea and it`s have two seas in the same beach.

Wath do tourist make there?

They have a bath in the beach and they swam

HI, joe!

I decide to send this e-mail for you just to say that I miss you so much. I know that you are so busy this week , can we meet any day? I Want to talk you about my activities , I go to basket and music , and to trumpet to

See you soon

My plan

Blackbeard :there s a lighthouse on this beach .The lights shows the ships where to sail .We can put out the light , and put our light over hear near to the big rocks


an artificial figure representing a human being or an animal,manipulated by the hand, rods, wires, etc., as on a miniature stage.


After hours and hours of being lost in the forest, the explorer decides to continue walking. It is getting darker and the snow does not stop falling. It is very difficult to see clear, and he is very hungry. The explorer stops. Is he walking in circles? Are those his own footprints on the snow? He kneels to see them better. His heart beats fast, his face gates pale.The size of the footprints is impossible to believe. The explorer lifts his head and there it is. The Yeti. The explorer understands he is the prey. Then he runs and runs but the yeti is faster than him. The explorer falls down in the snow and he fainting . When he get up he saw that someone killed the yeti and after that he saw another yeti , what was happening? . He runs but it was imposible to escape and then he listen the sound of a gun , and the men who was with the gun give him a shoot. He was bleeding! After that the yeti catch him and started to eat him but it only eat's the legs when the yeti fall down he was bleeding so he dies after 10 minutes.

A mistery on agata 's street

It was a night when johnny anyone was going to see his mother ... Suddenly he heard a shout: "help" repeatedly.He went to where he thought he heard the screams and her mother turned out to be the victim. She was lying on the ground bleeding with a very low pulse. Her mother seemed to be unconscious but saw that it was not when his pulse stopped. "Nooo," said Johnny tearfully. Decided to investigate the case. Traces emptied into a shack. He found the murderer and had a good try when someone stopped ...

Dear Diary,

Its mums birthday!! We are going to the city to have dinner. I can't tell you how old she is I am afraid but I can tell you she doesn't look her age (in a good way).

Today at school we had a peaceful lesson because its friday so we had a rest!


Affiliated to The Amateur Boxing Association of England (renamed in 2014 to England Boxing) York Boxing Club is one of the oldest sports clubs in York and the true home of boxing in York.

Founder Mr Bill Brown was given a Church Hall in 1966 by All Saints Church in North Street. Sadly the building became unfit for purpose and a temporary home was found until moving into our Walmgate premises in 2012.

York Boxing Club has over 16,500 square foot, making it the largest Boxing Club in York. Comprising of multi-level floor space, bag area and two rings, weights and CV room, common room, kitchen, café, traversing and bouldering walls plus purpose built offices.

Staff are all volunteers, DBS checked and hold England Boxing coaching and judging qualifications, First Aiders, Child Protection and Safeguarding Qualifications, Child Sexual Exploitation Aware, Fire Fighting Martial regulated and have a designated Child Welfare and Vulnerable Adults Officer. trabajo wik.jpg