The heart pumps blood through the body to provide nutrients and remove waste from the body’s tissues. The body requires more nutrients and produces more wastes as you exercise. Your body reacts to these and other changes by increasing the speed at which your heart beats.

With each heartbeat, your heart fills with blood and quickly contracts to pump

it through the body.
Your resting heart rate equals the number of times your heart beats per minute while body. Your resting heart rate equals the

number of times your heart beats per minute while may be normal to have a heart rate between 50 and 100 beats per minute, according to Montana States University .


Seahorse Reproduction
Seahorse Reproduction

The process of seahorse reproduction is very interesting. Studies show that the
males and females will court for several days. During that period of time they will seem to take part in dancing rituals. They will be seen swimming side by side at the same pace. They want to be able to mirror the movement of the other in sync.
The males and females often look very much alike. Experts have been able to tell them apart prior to mating by the way they look on the abdominal area. The females are rough and pointed here. The males have a round area that is very smooth and you can see the pouch. That is where those eggs are going to go which we will cover in just a minute.
The male has a pouch on one side of the body. When it is time to mate the female will deposit as many as 1,500 eggs into that pouch. The pouch isn’t very big but they eggs are amazingly small. The larger the species though the larger the eggs are going to be. The male will carry the eggs up to 45 days and then the young will emerge fully developed.
During that period of time while they eggs are inside of him the female will come check on him daily. The young are usually going to be born at night but some instances of them being born during the day occur. The males become very aggressive while carrying the eggs, and that can help them to ensure they are able to grow and mature in his body until they are born.
They will be released into the water and the male will leave them alone. It is possible that the female will deposit more eggs into his sack the next day if they mate early in the season the first time. The males will puff up very large as they are getting closer and closer to the young being born.
It is believed this puffing is a way to help deter predators from him. Since the seahorse doesn’t have any way to defend itself this size differentiation can prevent various forms of predators from messing with it. This is a natural way for the seahorse species to continue to have the circle of life continue for them.

Seahorse courtship and mating
Seahorse courtship and mating

This is a photo of a pregnat seahorse


How are prokariotic and eukariotic organisms different ?

Under a microscope

Prokariotic are the cells that not conteins a cell membrane. But all living things are divided in kingdom the living things that are prokariotic are in the monera kingdom.

Ekariotic are cells nucleus tha conteins genetic matirials .

Imagen relacionada
Imagen relacionada

Resultado de imagen de structure of an a cells prokaryotic
Resultado de imagen de structure of an a cells prokaryotic