In my summer holdays i've done many things. I've rest alot and a have done also funny and cool things like going to see The Lion King Musical in Madrid and visiting my cousings and having fun whit them. I also stay alot in home whit my new laptop. And i go to the Segura River to do a course througth it, it was very cool!!!! The Lion King was funny and AMAZINGGG. My cousing and me do like we were Youtubers hehe, it was kinda fun well kinda no... VERY FUN. I spent most of the time on playing videogames, lisening music..... This summer was not very exciting thougth heh. I've also go to a river in the mountain but whitout a boat, it was very cool! and i get a Little hurted because the river drag me by all the rocks, OWWWW.... but it was fun. I have been whit my Friends too. My cousin and me found a cat, a kittyyy!!!, CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE, we call it mewblack, but we've got to leave it ina adoption center because my parents and my cousin's parents wont adopt it because we have a dog T~T. I dont know what more to say because i've stay in my home almost all the summer -.- this is the end.. for now.. until i remember more things .-. bye people are Reading this... i guess... BYE lel =^w^=
inn the riverh.jpgIn The River =D Rey leon.jpgThe Lion King =3 IN TEH RIVERRRRHHH.jpgIn Another River Whit My BFF =P