In my summer holdays i've done many things. I've rest alot and a have done also funny and cool things like going to see The Lion King Musical in Madrid and visiting my cousings and having fun whit them. I also stay alot in home whit my new laptop. And i go to the Segura River to do a course througth it, it was very cool!!!! The Lion King was funny and AMAZINGGG. My cousing and me do like we were Youtubers hehe, it was kinda fun well kinda no... VERY FUN. I spent most of the time on playing videogames, lisening music..... This summer was not very exciting thougth heh. I've also go to a river in the mountain but whitout a boat, it was very cool! and i get a Little hurted because the river drag me by all the rocks, OWWWW.... but it was fun. I have been whit my Friends too. My cousin and me found a cat, a kittyyy!!!, CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE, we call it mewblack, but we've got to leave it ina adoption center because my parents and my cousin's parents wont adopt it because we have a dog T~T. I dont know what more to say because i've stay in my home almost all the summer -.- this is the end.. for now.. until i remember more things .-. bye people are Reading this... i guess... BYE lel =^w^=
Wenesday 4th October 2017

3_What happens next? Write scene 3 of the summary in Activity 1. =P

Scene 3

James and Harry walk quietly thougth the house. They hear the noise again, it comes from the bedroom.
James and Harry walk out the house quietly and look over bedroom's window, there is so much gold inside! but... a pirate is in there.
The two children think a way to get the gold. Harry thinks that he can throw a rock to the pirate's head .-. well, James thinks that's not a bad idea but,
they'll not do it. The children sneak thorugth the hall pretending to dont make a sound. But, suddently (pinneaples okno) James fall, the pirate notices and opens bedroom's door, but James is stuck and he cant wake up
Henry is about to run away but the pirate sees a pólice car outside and he ran away througth the window. James still stuck and Hentry took all the gold and silver that was in the room (well not all) Henry abandon James in the house, but James escaped and took a bit of gold (well only what Henry leaved there ;-;)






30 - September- 2012

Im so excited!!! Today is the day when ill adopt my dog!!! Im at my home waiting from a call from the kennel to go get home my dog.
I think I'll name it Luna, but im not sure yet...
OMG!!! I'm in my car going to the kennel!!!! I dont know how will the dog react to my house...
THE DOG IS SO CUTEE!!! But she bites everything in our house... she is not scared, just a little nervous because its a new home!
Im with her in my car going to my gradmother's house, i cant wait to see the reaction of everyone! Incuding Luna!
They are all saying: "Its so cute!!" especially my cousins.
She is throwing up every time we go in car and she eats it!! EWW!!!
Aww... she is crying... i feel sad in my bed.. because the cry of a dog is a very sad cry...
Now im going to sleep.. if i can...


Welp, lets go again...


I'm working on some nests for birds in my balcony, i saw some nests builded by the own birds in some flats so i think i can make the birds the work easyer, im going to recollect some sticks and that stuff to make round nests with a little hole in the middle for the birds to come in, the nests will be placed inside of our balcony so when it rains the birds dont get wet and the nest dont destroys, i think its a good lace for the birds to do their things.
I hope that lots of birds come in the nests!!!

(Kinda short but at least i have done it xD)


Yep.. slime.. because everyone loves slime! external image th?id=OIP.65UKskAzTt88uRilL9Et5wHaLH&pid=15.1

Making Basic Slime

Mix the borax powder and warm water together. Be aware that this slime is poisonous if swallowed. Supervise children using the borax solution. Measure out 1 tablespoon (15 ml) borax powder and 1 cup (240 ml) warm water. Add these ingredients to a large mixing bowl. Stir the mixture until the borax is completely dissolved.

Add 1⁄2 cup (120 ml) of glue to a separate mixing bowl.

Add food coloring to the glue mixture. Choose any color food coloring you like! Green is classic, but feel free to experiment with any color. Start with a few drops of food coloring, then stir. If you want the color to be brighter, add a few more drops of the food coloring. If you add a lot, the color may end up pretty dark and when you play with it, the color will dye your hands.
  • You can also separate the glue mixture evenly into smaller bowls and make each one a different color, then mix them together.
Combine the two mixtures. Dump the borax mixture slowly at a time, because if you add too much, your slime will be hard! Stir them together until it becomes your desired consistency, and doesn't stick to your hand. You will see the slime begin to form!
  • If you chose to make smaller amounts of slime in separate containers, evenly divide the borax solution among the containers.

Done! :3