Monday 9 Novembre 2015

2- Explain how eyebrows, eyelids and eyelashes protect our eyes and how ear wax protects our ears. Search for the necessary information.

Blink our eyes lubricated.
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Eyelashes are a shield eyeball.

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Eyebrows act as a protective covering of the eye.
cejas: Primer plano del ojo humano femenino con la ceja
cejas: Primer plano del ojo humano femenino con la ceja

Earwax has three functions: cleaning, lubrication and protection.

Wednesday 9 December 2015

4-Mumps, measles and chickenpox are collect childhood diseases. Choose one of these disases and find out the symptoms.

Chicken pox is a common disease in North America that affects almost 90% of people (mostly children) who come into contact with the varicella zoster virus (herpes). Chicken pox appears as a rash with itchy red spots (called smallpox) throughout the body. If your child is healthy, chickenpox is usually more uncomfortable than anything else and will last a couple of weeks. After spending chickenpox when you're a kid, usually back to not having it.

Resultado de imagen de fotos de la varicela
Resultado de imagen de fotos de la varicela

Monday 22 february 2016

4- Look for information about the main ecosystems in Spain and where they are located.


Depending on the climate and the characteristics of the flora and fauna of a place are different regions where different ecosystems are developed in Spain are:

Ocean forest

Mediterranean forest




Spain is in the warm-temperate zone of the planet, here can find different climates:

Ocean: in the northwest and north of Spain. Rainfall is abundant and regular. The winter is mild and cool summer.

High mountain showers abundant cold winters and cool summers.

Seco-arid Mediterranean: Scarce rainfall severe drought and high temperatures.

Mediterranean-Continental: Predominantly in Iberia is given especially in the interior. Winters are cold and summers are hot ie has a wide temperature range. Rainfall is high but irregular vary depending on the proximity to the sea and the relief.

Mediterranean: found along the Mediterranean coast, the Balearic Islands and in Andalusia. Rainfall is irregular little higher in autumn and summer. Temperatures are softened due to the proximity to the sea.

Subtropical: It is characterized by the existence of the Champs winds from Africa the atmosphere is generally hot and humid throughout the year. heavy rainfall collected in mountainous areas.


1- How are prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms different? Find out more and draw and label an example of each.

*Prokaryotic: Means they have no separate nucleus.

Resultado de imagen de prokaryotic cell
Resultado de imagen de prokaryotic cell

*Ekaryotic: Means they have a nucleus wich contains genetic material.

Resultado de imagen de eukaryotic cell
Resultado de imagen de eukaryotic cell